A curious pair

Jongsma + O’Neill is the creative partnership of award-winning documentary makers Kel O’Neill (USA) and Eline Jongsma (NL).


For over a decade, we’ve initiated and directed nonfiction projects—including films, TV shows, interactive documentaries and VR experiences—that have been honored and recognized by some of the world’s most important cultural institutions.

The unifying spark behind everything we do is our shared sense of curiosity. We’re always on our feet, experimenting with new storytelling technologies, working in new locales, and pushing ourselves to bring new experiences to audiences around the globe. Every collaboration is an opportunity for discovery, whether we’re working with a public television network, a startup or a Fortune 500 company.

We conceive, produce and direct the lions’ share of our projects entirely in-house, working directly with clients on ideation, then scaling up or down our production footprint to reflect their needs. Because of our intimate knowledge of every stage of production, we’re often sought out as consultants and directors for hire—particularly on projects that bring human-scaled perspectives to challenging subject matter.


But whoever we’re working with, and however the collaboration is structured, what we offer is consistent: true stories told in unexpected ways.


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