His Name is My Name




Houses Of Darkness


Instagram based documentary

An instagram-based documentary about family secrets and the legacy of WWII

This is the story of a man named Gerrit Jongsma. He was a Jew hunter and a member of the Dutch SS. And he was also my great-grandfather. But until recently, I’d never even heard his name.”


These words kick off His Name Is My Name, a groundbreaking Instagram documentary that puts the family history of Jongsma + O’Neill co-founder Eline Jongsma front and center.


In a narrative that unfolds across ten animated chapters and an AR experience, Eline and her partner Kel O’Neill set off to find the true story of her great-grandfather’s crimes. Along the way they explore the complexities of generational trauma and enduring wounds of fascism—and discover satellite telescopes, hidden mushroom colonies and a family story that stretches from the Netherlands to Indonesia and back again.

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