HP Inc.


Branded, Documentary

Technology Pioneer As Heritage Brand

Born in a garage in Palo Alto in the late 1930s, Hewlett-Packard didn’t just start in Silicon Valley. They started Silicon Valley.


So when HP approached us to create a campaign highlighting their pioneering work with Mixed and Virtual Reality, we devised a concept that both respects their past, and anticipates their future.



University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Megan Elliot is partnering with HP Education to build a world-class media program with world-class technology, including VR, to push the boundaries for the next generation of storytelling.

Columbia University

Using HP Omnicept’s bioanalytics capabilities such as eye tracking, heart rate monitoring and pupil dilation detection, Seth Cluett and Suzanne Thorpe are able to identify the triggers of stressors in students working with technical historical music equipment for the first time.

Syracuse University

By tracking the bioanalytics of users, Makana Chock and the Extended Reality Lab at Syracuse University are able to gain valuable insights to track the consistency of pre-existing biases with a user’s response to a virtual experience.

Stanford University